VIP Tickets

VIP Ticketholders have access to a private lounge that includes:

Proceeds of the VIP tickets help significantly support the Savant Foundation, which in turn helps artists in your community stretch their dollar farther through combined resources.


A six step program for artists

The Savant Foundation leverages economy of scale through the collaboration of our collective energies and the sharing of resources, so artists can have more and do more with less. It is our goal to increase the value of our assets and donations exponentially through a concentrated resource pool, so the art making process becomes easier and more affordable for every artist who participates.

The value of your support is magnified significantly because all of the artists benefit collectively. This is our new reality. Help us change the world around us by supporting our vision to share resources and create more effectively through the POWER of MASSIVE COLLABORATION, finally.


STEP 1) Bulk Buying Power
STEP 2) Non Profit Rate Equipment Rental
STEP 3) Percent for Art and Grant Registry/Library
STEP 4) Classes in the Business of Art
STEP 5) Grants for Studio Space
STEP 6) Health Insurance for Artists